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CATL announces sodium ion battery technology! Can charge 80% in 15 minutes, dangerous for fuel vehicles!

Buying a fuel car or an electric car is a choice faced by many consumers.

There are many reasons for choosing electric vehicles, but I believe that friends who choose fuel vehicles have two very important reasons: one is that fuel vehicles will not have the problem of mileage anxiety; the other is that the time cost of waiting for refueling is very low.

sodium ion battery

In fact, the battery life of electric vehicles is not an important issue at this stage. After all, basically electric vehicles can exceed the 500-kilometer endurance mark. What's more, electric vehicles with an endurance of more than 1,000 kilometers have been released.

The biggest problem at present is actually the charging problem of electric vehicles. Compared with the time required for refueling of traditional fuel vehicles, the charging speed of electric vehicles is still too time-consuming. This is also the most concerned issue for many consumers who need to travel long distances.

However, for the problem of charging speed, the Ningde era has given its own solution.

According to the information released by CATL, sodium ion batteries can be charged to 80% in 15 minutes, which means that sodium ion batteries can solve 400 kilometers of battery life in 15 minutes. Such charging speed and efficiency can actually be comparable to fuel vehicles. The refueling time is not much different.

In addition, Ningde Times also mentioned that sodium ion batteries have a very important feature, that is, the battery attenuation can be controlled at 10% in winter.

Imagine that if the sodium-ion battery of the Ningde era can really achieve the above effects, the situation of fuel vehicles may be really dangerous!

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