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Who is Chinese Best Lithium Battery Manufacturer ?

Currently lithium ion battery mainly comes/makes from China, china should make at least 80% of the total lithium batteries.

Best Lithium Battery Manufacturer

This Chinese manufacturer does all kinds of Lithium batteries and is also doing custom builds: BENZO Energy / UFine Technology Co.,Ltd

The polymer li-ion batteries produced in this company have such advantages as high safety, high capacity, long cycle life, small volume, ultra-thin flexible design, excellent performance of charge/discharge at high rates, which can conform to CE, UN,UL and ROHS standards and can  be used  in  mobile  phones, bluetooth, MID, portable DVD, MP3 / MP4, digital  camera, electric toys and tools, energy storage equipment, electric-bike, GPS, miner lamp, LED lamps, medical devices and so on.
With professional research and development team formed by senior engineers and advanced production and testing equipments, BENZO Energy / UFine Technology can produce high-rate, high/low temperature and large batteries  for special  purposes  besides  the  common  polymer  li-ion batteries. Through improving our production and testing equipments, this company is becoming the trust worthy partner of concerned enterprise.
BENZO Energy / UFine Technology believe that the product quality is the base of a enterprise. Through building up a quality management system  according to the ISO9001standard,  this company continuously improve the quality, cost ,delivery and service to provide competitive products to win the complete satisfaction and long-term cooperation of the customer, and to step to success together with the customer.

Their online

BENZO Energy / UFine Technology is a professional lithium battery manufacturer Chinese.

They can customize the lithium battery you need according to your requirements.
Yes, they are Chinese best lithium battery manufacturer.  If you need any service or help with lithium batteries, please contact them.

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