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Introduction to the types of lithium batteries

Classified by battery shape: the first category, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. At present, there are mainly two models of 18650 (diameter 18 mm, length 65 mm) and 26650 (diameter 26 mm, length 50 mm), which are mainly used for notebooks and power tools. The second type is a prismatic lithium-ion battery. There are many kinds of this kind, so I won't go into details, mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. The third type is button lithium-ion batteries. The shape is the same as the buttons, round and thin, which can meet the high specific capacity and thinness requirements of computers and cameras.

types of lithium batteries
Classified by working temperature: the first category, high temperature lithium ion batteries. It can be used normally at a certain high temperature (below 60°C). Mainly used in aerospace and other fields. The civilian category is mainly car GPS. The second is a normal temperature power lithium-ion battery. At present, commercial lithium-ion batteries can basically only work in the range of -20~45°C.

Classified by electrolyte state: the first category, liquid lithium-ion battery; electrolyte is organic solvent + lithium salt. The second type is polymer lithium-ion batteries. The polymer matrix is mainly HFP-PVDF, PEO, PAN and PMMA.

Classified by cathode material: the first category, lithium cobalt oxide batteries. The most widely used, high tap density, high specific energy, stable voltage platform, but relatively expensive, polluting the environment, and poor safety. The second type is lithium manganate. In the three-dimensional tunnel structure, lithium ions can be reversibly extracted from the spinel lattice without causing structural collapse, so it has excellent rate performance and stability. It is environmentally friendly, but has low energy density and high high temperature performance. The third type, lithium iron phosphate battery, has a large specific surface area, high energy density and good cycle performance. Mass production of materials is difficult to achieve high consistency, and low-temperature discharge performance is poor.

Classified by use category: the first type, digital camera lithium-ion battery. It is mainly used in the batteries of digital cameras, and requires relatively high low-temperature performance of industrial lithium-ion batteries. The second type is lithium-ion batteries for laptops. Currently, cylindrical batteries are mainly used. With the development of thinner computers, prismatic batteries have tended to replace cylindrical batteries in recent years. The third type is lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The battery has the highest requirements for various types of characteristics, and it is currently more popular.

These are the classifications and applications of most lithium-ion batteries.

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