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Is the lithium battery polluting the environment ?

The materials in all batteries begins in "the environment", and toxicity is generally local to their immediate area (within inches) if improperly disposed.

Lithium batteries contain very chemically active materials, but the primary hazard is flammability. Once the case is breached and the internal materials oxidize, the remaining electrolyte is neutralized quickly.

lithium battery and environment

There are many kinds of lithium batteries. Lithium cobaltate batteries - because they contain cobalt, are heavy metals, so they have a certain impact on the environment;

Lithium manganate and iron-lithium batteries have less impact on the environment, mainly because the electrolyte has an impact on the environment.

In addition, in production, the other places where the production equipment used are inevitably affected by environmental products, there is no absolute pollution-free, pure green production enterprise.

Lithium battery production requires lithium cobaltate, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc., so if you just throw it away, it may still have a certain impact on the environment.

There is also an electrolyte used in lithium batteries. The main components are dimethyl sulfate (DMC), diethyl carbonate (DEC), and ethylene carbonate (EC). Some organic waste gases are volatilized during the production process.

In general, lithium batteries have little impact on the environment, regardless of production, use and scrap, do not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium.

And now the "Battery Industry Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention Program" encourages the development of mercury-free zinc-manganese batteries, lithium primary batteries, hydrogen-nickel batteries, lithium-ion batteries, new lead batteries and super batteries.

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