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The difference between high rate batteries cell and general batteries cell

Cell refers to a single electrochemical cell containing positive and negative electrodes. A more popular explanation is to remove the battery shell and the protective circuit board, and the rest is called the cell. The quality of the cells directly determines the quality of the rechargeable battery. There are three types of battery cells: aluminum shell battery cells, soft-pack battery cells (also known as "polymer batteries"), and cylindrical battery cells. Generally, mobile phone batteries use aluminum shell battery cells, Bluetooth and other digital products mostly use soft-pack battery cells, and laptop batteries use a series-parallel combination of cylindrical battery cells.

High rate battery cell

What is a high-rate battery cell?

The high rate is relative to the general rate and represents the charge and discharge capacity of the battery. High-rate batteries are divided into discharge rate and charge rate. Use "C" to represent the ratio of battery charge and discharge current, that is, the rate. For example, 1200mAh battery, 0.2C means 240mA (0.2 times of 1200mAh), 1C means 1200mA (1 times of 1200mAh). Batteries that can be discharged at a certain rate can generally be charged quickly, but lithium ions will be embedded in the negative electrode graphite during charging, which is more difficult than the process of inserting lithium ions into the positive electrode. Therefore, the charge rate of high-rate batteries is generally lower than the discharge rate. A high-rate battery is a battery cell that can discharge at a certain rate.

The difference between high rate batteries cell and general batteries cell

The difference between high-rate batteries and ordinary batteries is whether they can support fast charging. If an ordinary battery is charged quickly, it is easy to cause lithiation of the negative electrode, resulting in a faster degradation of the performance of the lithium-ion battery. In severe cases, it may cause an internal short circuit of the battery, causing fire and explosion. Most consumers only need 1C batteries. If you want a higher discharge rate and faster charging time, then a high-rate battery is the ideal choice. With the development of various industries, higher discharge and faster charging requirements are put forward for batteries, which in turn promotes the technological improvement and use of rate batteries. At present, high-rate batteries are widely used in high-rate discharge products such as aerial photography drones, agricultural plant protection drones, emergency starting power supplies, model airplanes, and power tools.

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