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What is a quaternary battery?

Everyone is familiar with ternary batteries, and its cathode material is usually nickel-cobalt-manganese or nickel-cobalt-aluminum. What kind of battery is a quaternary battery that is one yuan more expensive than a ternary battery?

quaternary battery

Whether it is nickel cobalt manganese or nickel cobalt aluminum lithium, these metal elements are in strict proportions. Under this ratio, their storage performance, charge and discharge efficiency and stability have reached a very suitable level, and it can also be Said that there will be no greater improvement.

Basically, the lithium batteries sold on the market now have a very stable ratio, which is also a guarantee for their mileage and safety.

The quaternary battery has more metal elements than the ternary battery. As the price of cobalt metal element on the market is very high, many car companies hope to find a metal element with lower cost and better performance to replace it. This quaternary battery is an exploration to shelve or reduce cobalt. .

For example, adding aluminum to the ternary base with high nickel content, changing the conventional method of graphite anode, adding a silicon-carbon layer, and forming a more stable quaternary lithium battery.

The current quaternary battery technology is not very mature and is still being explored.

In addition to quaternary lithium batteries, there are also cobalt-free batteries on the market. The reserves of cobalt are inherently small, and more than 60% of the world's cobalt is in unstable African countries. Reducing the content of cobalt or using cobalt-free batteries are choices in the development of lithium batteries.

Compared with the ternary battery, the biggest feature of the quaternary battery is that it is more abundant in the choice of materials than the ternary battery. In addition, the impact of the quaternary battery is that the cycle performance, thermal stability and safety have been greatly improved. For the charging and discharging of the battery, the quaternary battery has higher efficiency.

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