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Which of the 18650 or polymer batteries is better for the power bank?

Earlier power banks gave most users a big and heavy impression, but today's power banks are small, especially shared ones. Friends who have used it will feel very light. This is the credit of the polymer lithium-ion battery. In fact, due to the emergence of polymer lithium-ion batteries, many electronic products can perform better, such as TWS Bluetooth headsets and special small electronic devices. Unlike a few years ago, there are fewer and fewer 18650 lithium-ion batteries used in mobile power sources. Is it really eliminated? In addition to volume and weight, what is the difference between polymer lithium ion battery and 18650? This is what we are going to talk about today.

polymer li-ion batteries Manufacturer

What is 18650?

At present, there are two important batteries on the market, one is lithium ion battery and the other is polymer battery. Lithium ion battery generally refers to aluminum shell battery, the electrolyte is liquid, and the outer packaging material is aluminum shell or nickel-plated With the continuous elimination of steel shells in the market, 18650 has become the standard configuration of a lithium-ion battery that people are most willing to use. The so-called 18650 refers to a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. "0" is declared as a cylinder, which looks like a large AAA (size 5) dry cell.

Many people think that 18650 batteries will soon be obsolete. In fact, this is not the case. Currently Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony all have this business. There are also many factories that continue to produce, because most electric vehicles use 18650 batteries. The most famous is Tesla, the whole car is 18650 batteries. In fact, most mobile power products do not use this kind of battery, more because of cost and style considerations. At present, 18650 mobile power products are either low-end or high-end, so 18650 is not a battery to be eliminated, but to two extremes.

What is polymer lithium ion battery?

Since its inception, polymer lithium-ion batteries have many advantages such as ultra-small, ultra-thin, ultra-light, high plasticity, and high safety. Based on these advantages, polymer lithium-ion batteries are more in line with people's pursuit of appearance. When used for mobile power, the thickness of the mobile power can reach 10mm or less, and it can also be made into some special shapes. Compared with the 18650 fixed appearance, it is easier to make personalized changes. Moreover, the safety of polymer lithium-ion batteries is very high. Even if there are problems, most of them will not explode, but will only expand, which is very attractive to manufacturers and consumers.

Which one do we choose?

After talking for a long time, let's summarize.

In terms of advantages, 18650 technology is relatively mature, and there are still many large factories still developing and processing. Safety is actually better than polymer lithium-ion batteries. Of course, you must use products from regular manufacturers. The disadvantages of the 18650 are also obvious, the appearance is easily restricted, and low-end products have potential safety hazards.

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