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Battery Certificates

BENZO Energy Battery products passed KC,UL,CB,IEC 62133,CE,ROHS Certification,UN38.3 Test, and The ISO9001 Management System Certification.and We Are Listed in Renowned Exportbureau.

Certified Lithium battery list:

Certified Lithium battery list

 Certified Lithium battery list

BZ502534 3.7V 450mAh   MSDS 5*25*34.5mm
BZ502435 3.7V 450mAh   IEC62133 5*24*35.5mm
552025 3.7V 200mAh KC CB/IEC62133  
BZ573647 3.7V 1100mah   UN38.3 5.7*36*47.5mm
BZ604060 3.7V 1700mah   Un38.3/CE/FCC/ROHS 6*40*62mm
721944 3.7V 630mah KC CB/IEC62133  
BZ852025 3.7V 350mAh KC CB/IEC62133  
903448 3.7V 1600mAh KC CB/IEC62133  
BZ105080 3.7V 5000mAh   MSDS/UN38.3 10*50*80.5mm
BZ105085 3.7V 5000mAh   MSDS/UN38.3/CB 10*50*85.5mm
BZ124060 7.4V 1700mah KC CB/UN38.3 12*40*63mm
XX0910 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*9*10.5mm
XX1120 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*11*20.5mm
XX1230 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*12*30.5mm
XX1350 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*13*50.5mm
XX2228 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*22*28.5mm
XX2025 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*20*25.5mm
XX2940 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*29*40.5mm
XX3450 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*34*50.5mm
XX3480 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*34*80.5mm
XX4058 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*40*58.5mm
XX4060 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*40*60.5mm
XX4599 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*45*99.5mm
XX5656 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*56*56.5mm
XX38145 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*38*145.5mm
105080 3.7V 5000mah   CB/IEC62133/CE/FCC/ROHS 10*50*85.5mm
XX5085 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*50*85.5mm
XX2536 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*25*36.5mm
XX3647 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*36*47.5mm
XX100105 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*100*105.5mm
XX1216 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*12*16.5mm
XX1656 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*16*56.5mm
XX2435 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*24*35.5mm
XX3040 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*30*40.5mm
XX5050 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*50*50.5mm
XX2030 3.7V     CE/FCC/ROHS XX*20*30.5mm

Li-polymer Battery UN38.3 Certifications

lipo Battery KC Certifications

lithium Battery IEC 62133 Certifications

li polymer Battery msds Certifications

lithium battery Certifications

3.7V Li-polymer Battery

li Battery Certifications

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