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Lithium battery performance test items

The battery is the main power source of the product. It can drive the operation of the equipment. Using test tools to conduct detailed inspections on the battery can ensure the safety of the battery and prevent the battery from spontaneous combustion and explosion due to excessive temperature.

Lithium battery performance test

1. Cycle life

The number of cycles of a lithium battery reflects how many times the battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged. According to the environment in which the lithium battery is used, the cycle life can test the cycle life of the battery at low temperature, normal temperature and high temperature. Usually, the waste standard of the battery is selected according to the use of the battery. If the battery is used for power batteries (electric vehicles, electric forklifts), etc., the discharge capacity maintenance rate of 80% is generally selected as the standard parameter for waste. If the battery is used for energy storage, Storage, etc. can be relaxed to 60%.

2. Magnification

Nowadays, lithium batteries are not only used in digital products, but also more and more in the application of power batteries. Electric vehicles need to change the current when driving under different working conditions. In today's fast-paced life, the shortage of charging piles for electric vehicles has higher and higher requirements for fast charging of lithium batteries. Therefore, it is necessary to test the rate performance of lithium batteries. It can be tested according to the national standard of power battery.

3. Safety test

Safety can be said to be a matter of great concern to battery users. Whether it is the explosion of a mobile phone battery or the fire of an electric car, it is enough to make people terrified. The safety of lithium batteries is an item that must be inspected. Safety inspections include overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, drop, heating, vibration, extrusion, acupuncture, etc.

4. Discharge at low temperature and high temperature

The impact of temperature on the discharge performance of the battery is directly reflected in the discharge capacity and discharge voltage. As the temperature decreases, the internal resistance of the battery increases, the electrochemical reaction speed slows down, the internal resistance of polarization increases rapidly, and the discharge capacity and discharge platform of the battery decrease, which affects the output of battery power and energy.

At present, the batteries on the market are mainly ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The ternary batteries will be unstable due to the structural collapse of materials at high temperatures, and their safety is much worse than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, but their energy density is lower than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium iron phosphate is high, so the two systems are co-existing and developing.

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