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Advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are used to make lithium-ion secondary batteries. Nowadays, the primary direction is power lithium-ion batteries, which have great advantages compared to NI-H and Ni-Cd batteries.

lithium iron phoshate battery

Seven advantages of lithium iron phosphate power lithium ion battery:

1. Super long life. The life of a long-life lead-acid battery is about 300 cycles, up to 500 cycles. Lead-acid batteries of the same quality are new for half a year, old for half a year, repaired and maintained for half a year, that is, more than 1.5 years, while lithium iron phosphate batteries can be used for 7-8 years under the same conditions. Overall, the cost performance is more than 4 times that of lead-acid batteries.

2. Safe to use. Lithium iron phosphate completely solves the safety hazards of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganate. Lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide will explode in a violent collision, posing a threat to consumers' lives, while lithium iron phosphate has now passed strict safety tests, which means that even if a serious accident occurs, there will be no explosion.

3. It can be charged and discharged with 2C high current. With a dedicated charger, the battery can be fully charged with a 1.5C charge in 40 minutes, and the starting current can reach 2C, but the lead-acid battery does not have this function now.

4. High temperature resistance. The heating peak of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350℃-500℃, while lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate are only about 200℃.

5. Large capacity.

6. No memory effect.

7. Green and environmental protection.

Disadvantages and improvement methods of lithium iron phosphate batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries also have their disadvantages: for example, the tap density of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials is small, and the volume of lithium iron phosphate batteries of the same capacity is larger than lithium-ion batteries such as lithium cobalt oxide, so micro-batteries have no advantage.

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