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About Benzo

Benzo Energy · UFine Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2008,it is a national High-Tech Enterprise, which specializes in the design, production and sale of Lithium-ion battery modules. Benzo has insistedon serving the global mobile power / backup power / energy storagepower users since the establishment of the company. After ten years of development, Benzo has become a global leader of customized lithium schemes and products supplier.

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Benzo · UFine specializes in customized Lithium schemes and products.which are widely applied to Military, medical, financial, communications, security, transportation, logistics, mining, consumer electronics and other fields, the company can also produce high-rate, high / low temperature and large batteries  for special  purposes besides  the  common  polymer  li-ion batteries.

Advanced Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory, Security Laboratory, Power Supply Laboratory, Ecology Laboratory, Aging Laboratory, Photovoltaic Energy Storage Laboratory

Advanced Laboratory

Battery Application

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Medical Device Battery CCTV System Battery Solar System Battery
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Lithium battery Certifications

Lithium battery Certifications

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