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Analysis of several good ways to choose lithium-ion batteries

Method 1: Check the appearance and packaging

Lithium-ion battery products can be judged from the packaging and appearance. Although the appearance of general products is deceptive, some inferior products can also be screened out from the appearance.

Analysis of several good ways to choose lithium-ion batteries

Method 2: Look at the product battery

First check whether the battery is brand new, because there are some bad workshops on the market that use second-hand batteries to make lithium-ion batteries. Good batteries are safer, and lithium-ion batteries are of better quality!

Method 3: Test live working

During the live working process of the lithium-ion battery, if the two poles of the battery are not hot after continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, it proves that the battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of the lithium-ion battery with a high-quality protection board is better than that of the ordinary lithium-ion battery.

Method 4: compare weight

The weight of a lithium-ion battery is directly proportional to its capacity. If it is a polymer lithium-ion battery, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will definitely be insufficient, but the capacity of some batteries is different. In addition, you can feel the weight of the battery from the outer packaging. If the weight is heavier, it is more likely to be a high-quality lithium-ion battery.

Method 5: Detect internal resistance and maximum current

In fact, the fastest inspection method to judge the performance of lithium-ion batteries is to measure the internal resistance and the maximum discharge current. A good quality lithium ion battery has a very low internal resistance and a large maximum discharge current. Use a multimeter with a 20A range to directly short-circuit the two electrodes of the lithium-ion battery. The current should generally be around 10A, or even higher, which can be maintained for a period of time. A more stable battery is a good battery.

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