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Analysis of the types, models and advantages and disadvantages of high-rate lithium-ion batteries

High-rate lithium-ion batteries can be divided into three common types: steel shell cylindrical batteries, square aluminum shell batteries, and aluminum plastic film soft-pack batteries according to the cell shell. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

high-rate batteries

1. In terms of maximum discharge rate, the discharge rate of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries can reach about 100C, which is the largest, followed by square lithium-ion batteries, and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are relatively the worst;

2. In terms of battery cell consistency, round lithium-ion batteries have the smallest error, that is the best, square lithium-ion batteries second, and soft-pack lithium-ion batteries the worst;

3. Under the same capacity and discharge requirements, soft-packed lithium-ion batteries are the lightest in terms of weight, followed by square lithium-ion batteries, and cylindrical batteries are the heaviest;

4. In terms of size and shape, soft-pack lithium-ion batteries have the highest degree of freedom, while square lithium-ion batteries and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are too limited;

The high-rate lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Benzo Energy / UFine Technology mainly include iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium-ion batteries and 18650 batteries. The first two are soft-packed aluminum film forms, and the last The species is cylindrical in steel shell. These three high-rate batteries are widely used in 3C electronic products, model entertainment, power tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial power supplies and other fields. With excellent comprehensive strength and high-quality services, they are widely praised by partners.

The advantages and disadvantages of high-rate lithium iron phosphate batteries and high-rate polymer lithium-ion batteries are as follows:

1. In terms of maximum rate discharge, the discharge rate supplied by polymer lithium ion batteries is much greater than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. At present, the discharge rate of high rate lithium iron phosphate batteries is about 45C, while polymer lithium ion batteries are Around 100C;

2. In terms of safety performance and high temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate batteries are better than polymer lithium ion batteries;

3. In terms of low temperature performance, polymer lithium ion batteries are better than iron phosphate lithium ion batteries;

4. In terms of energy density, polymer lithium ion batteries have higher energy density;

5. In terms of processing and manufacturing costs, lithium iron phosphate batteries are lower and the raw materials are more abundant;

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