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Classification and application fields of low-temperature lithium-ion battery packs

Low-temperature lithium-ion batteries are classified according to their discharge performance: energy storage low-temperature lithium-ion batteries, rate-type low-temperature lithium-ion batteries.

low-temperature lithium-ion battery packs manufacturer

Low-temperature energy storage lithium-ion batteries are widely used in military tablet computers, paratroopers, military navigators, unmanned aerial vehicle backup starting power supplies, special flight instrument power supplies, satellite signal receiving devices, marine data monitoring equipment, atmospheric data monitoring equipment, outdoor Video recognition equipment, oil exploration and detection equipment, monitoring equipment along railway lines, outdoor monitoring equipment for power grids, military warm shoes, on-board backup power supplies.

Low-temperature rate-type lithium-ion batteries are used in infrared laser equipment, strong light-type police equipment, and acoustic police equipment.

Low-temperature lithium-ion batteries are classified according to application areas: military low-temperature lithium-ion batteries and industrial low-temperature lithium-ion batteries.

Low-temperature lithium-ion batteries are classified as follows according to the usage environment:

Low-temperature batteries used in the -20℃ environment are civilian low-temperature lithium-ion batteries: 0.2C discharge of -20℃ batteries accounts for more than 90% of the rated capacity; 0.2C discharge of -30℃ batteries accounts for more than 85% of the rated capacity;

The low-temperature battery used in the -40℃ environment belongs to the special low-temperature lithium-ion battery: 0.2C discharge of the -40℃ battery accounts for more than 80% of the rated capacity;

Low-temperature batteries used in an environment of -50℃ belong to extreme environment low-temperature lithium-ion batteries: 0.2C discharge of the battery at -50℃ accounts for more than 50% of the rated capacity;

According to its use environment, it is divided into three series: civilian low temperature batteries, special low temperature batteries, and extreme environment low temperature batteries

Main areas of adaptation:

Military weapons, aerospace, missile-borne vehicle equipment, polar scientific research, frigid rescue, power communications, public safety, medical electronics, railways, ships, robots and other fields.

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Benzo Energy / UFine Technology overcomes a number of technical bottlenecks and develops a series of low-temperature lithium-ion battery products. Ordinary lithium-ion batteries have poor low-temperature performance, and lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot run electric vehicles at extremely low temperatures. When using a low-temperature lithium-ion battery pack, you must pay attention to waterproofing. After using it in some low-temperature equipment, you should remove the lithium-ion battery in time and place it in a dry, low-temperature place for proper storage to prevent and prevent the use of lithium-ion batteries Improper causes of family fire accidents.

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