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How does the Electrically Heated Smart Gloves the heating?

To be honest, heating gloves at first glance, and the gloves products that are common in our daily life, there is nothing special, whether it is a five-finger or all-inclusive design, it seems quite normal.

Lipo Battery for Electrically Heated Gloves

Seeing this, you may be very curious. Since the flag of automatic heating is used, how does this heating smart glove achieve the heating function?

It is understood that in order to provide an all-weather heating experience, electric gloves have built-in a new rechargeable ultra-lightweight battery system; in conjunction with Seirus' Flexible Fusion heating system, users can achieve three different heatings with one button. Mode switching; and it is also possible to display different heating states depending on the color of the LEDs on the buttons.

124060-2S 7.4V 1500mAh lipo battery

The heating glove can be used for up to 12 hours at a low temperature and one hour at a low temperature, and the high temperature heating state can last for 4 hours. At the same time, the heat of Heat Touch is twice that of ordinary heating gloves on the market.

In addition, the gloves on the market offer two different forms of five fingers and all inclusive, but there is no difference in function. The heated gloves are made of high quality sheepskin, which is not only soft but also waterproof and breathable. The heated gloves also allow the user to wear the smartphone screen directly, so there is no need to remove the gloves during the cold winter.

Finally, the HeatLock system is used at the wrist of the heated glove to hold the heat inside the glove firmly inside.

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