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How to activate the mobile phone battery ?

★ Lithium-ion battery must go through the following process before leaving the factory:

Lithium-ion battery shell infusion of electrolyte --- sealing --- formation, is constant pressure charging, and then discharge, so that several cycles, so that the electrode fully wet the electrolyte, fully activated, to meet the capacity requirements, this is the activation process . ---Division, is to test the battery capacity to select different performance (capacity) of the battery to classify, divide the battery level, carry out capacity matching. The lithium-ion battery thus produced has been activated to the user's hand, and the commonly used nickel-cadmium battery and nickel-hydrogen battery are also activated after being activated.

activate the mobile phone

★ Is mobile phone battery activation necessary?

(1) The newly purchased mobile phone needs to use the electric light in the mobile phone first, then charge it, and it needs to be operated 3-4 times repeatedly, which is called so-called activation. It used to be possible in the past, but now the phones are all lithium batteries and do not need to be activated at all.
(2) The newly purchased mobile phone battery does not need to be charged for 12 hours for the first time, but it is best to carry out the full charge and discharge process for 3~5 hours. The full charge is normal charging to 100%. The full release is when the mobile phone uses the low battery reminder.
(3) Because the battery is subjected to electrolyte filling, chemical formation, charge and discharge, and volumetric process before leaving the factory, the battery is activated, but after leaving the factory, it takes less than one month and then one year to reach the user. Due to the effect of self-discharge, the battery material is passivated, and at this time, the battery can be activated by full charge and discharge.
(4) This statement that "the first three charges should be charged for more than 12 hours" is for the rechargeable battery of the 1990s. At that time, the nickel-cadmium battery had a memory effect and needed to be fully filled to ensure battery capacity. The lithium-ion battery is used on the mobile phone. It has no memory effect. It can be filled in 2-3 hours, and full is enough.
(5) If the charge and discharge of the new battery can reach 12 hours or more before, it will cause great damage to the battery, which may cause the battery to bulge or even burn. Fortunately, both the mobile phone and the charger have protection circuits. When the battery is charged to 100%, it will automatically power off, and it will not continue to be charged when plugged into the charger.
(6) However, it is better to unplug the charger at this time, in case the charger protection circuit has a problem, the battery is overcharged, causing serious damage to the battery material, affecting the capacity and life of the battery. Usually, the charging method described in the mobile phone manual is a standard charging method suitable for the mobile phone.

★ The correct use of mobile phone lithium battery:

1. Avoid transitional discharge, try not to use the mobile phone below 20% of the power, especially not to use the mobile phone below 5% power, which will cause irreversible damage to the battery.
2. Avoid transitional charging. Over-discharge and over-charge will cause great damage to the lithium battery of the mobile phone. However, at present, smart phones generally have circuit protection, and will not continue to charge the battery after being fully charged.
3. The ideal state of the lithium battery is when the power is 40% left. At this time, the voltage of the battery will not be too high or too low. The higher the power, the faster the decline, 100% of the battery is put in a month, with 50 % of the battery is put on for a month, and the capacity of the former is declining more. Do not keep the battery's power at 100% for a long time, which will affect the battery life to a certain extent.
4. Avoid using at high temperature or very low temperature. Charging at high temperature and low temperature will cause great damage to the lithium battery of the mobile phone. High temperature may cause the battery to explode, and low temperature will also have a great impact on battery life.
5. Avoid your mobile phone battery being in a state of no power for a long time. How long it takes for the battery to be in a state of no power, it is likely that your mobile phone will no longer be able to boot.
6. Use the original mobile phone charger, check the battery life and shelf life, and replace the battery in time.

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