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How to extend the battery life of your mobile phone ?

Today's smart phone features more and more, not only can play games to send boring time, but also can watch the news, understand the national events, is simply a "treasure box. But at the same time everyone is facing a headache problem, that is, the mobile phone battery drains too fast. So, is there any way to extend the life of the lithium-ion battery? We understands that the first rule to extend battery life is not to play high-power games all the time, or to work Wi-Fi and GPS for a long time, especially when not in use. In addition to this, there are some things to be aware of during routine maintenance and charging.

battery life of mobile phones

Keep your phone cool

When the smartphone is overheated, the battery will quickly wear out whether or not you use the phone. Be careful not to leave your phone in a place that is too hot for a long time.

Avoid wireless charging

Although wireless charging is very convenient, it also has disadvantages. The inductive wireless charging technology now uses Will generate a lot of useless heat. The process of wireless charging is also the process of heating the battery. So. In order to extend battery life, use standard plug-in charging.

Never drain the battery and recharge it.

Obviously, the battery' life is also being depleted while the battery is being used. But if used less frequently, the battery life will be deplete slower. There is a way to minimize this inevitable loss, which is to retain some of the power.

If you need to place a lithium battery for a long time, please keep at least 40% of the power. Lithium batteries do not lose 30% of their electricity every month like nickel batteries, and only lose 5% to 10% of their electricity. Once the lithium battery is completely depleted, it becomes very unstable. In order to prevent an explosion during charging, the lithium-ion battery has a built-in self-destruct circuit, which can cause damage to the battery if the battery bottoms out.

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