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How to judge the consistency of lithium battery packs cells ?

The consistency of lithium-ion battery packs should be judged by using special tools to measure capacity, internal resistance, and charge and discharge curves.

consistency of lithium battery packs cells

To measure the capacity internal resistance and discharge platform of a single battery, it also depends on the process level of lithium battery assembly and the battery performance requirements of specific products.

The consistency of a lithium battery pack refers to the sameness of important characteristic parameters of a group of lithium batteries. The consistency of a battery refers to the consistency of battery weight and voltage. There are multiple strings of cells in the same battery pack. Each parameter is best. All are in a smaller range, which is good for consistency.

The higher the consistency of the capacity, internal resistance, and charge-discharge curve of batteries produced with the same material and the same process, the better. Whether batteries can be assembled into battery packs on a large scale is very critical. The larger the battery pack size, the higher the consistency requirements.

The inconsistency of the battery (within a certain range) can only be solved by the external battery management system, which is necessary. Even if a good product is made, there are differences in capacity, internal resistance, voltage, etc. In other words, it is impossible to make two identical battery cells.

The consistency of performance between batteries is not directly related to the use of a certain material. Only performance is directly related to the material. From the current level of most manufacturers in China, the consistency of batteries is not satisfactory, because most of them are still Manual operation or semi-automation is used, and the differences between personnel are great, resulting in poor battery consistency.

The consistency of the cell refers to the consistency of the physical properties.

But we usually don't have professional testing tools. Therefore, under normal circumstances, as long as the same brand and the same batch of batteries are used, and the new and old batteries cannot be mixed, the consistency can be basically guaranteed (of course, the same voltage and capacity are required).

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