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How to repair lithium batteries ?What is the Lithium battery repair method ?

For the lithium battery repair and repair technology, everyone may have doubts, because everyone feels that the lithium battery performance is weakened, the stroke is attenuated, the charge can not be charged, and so on. As long as the battery appears, it can no longer be used. This idea is a big mistake, because the lithium battery is not only repairable, but the repair performance can be restored by more than 90%.

Lithium battery repair method

Mobile phone lithium battery repair method

1. Use a clean eraser or other cleaning tool to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium battery and the metal contacts on the phone to help with the charging status and power lasting.

2. The old mobile phone lithium battery that will be automatically shut down will be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap. When wrapping, try to serve as much as possible. There are three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum state. Then, the three-layer newspaper on the outside of the plastic wrap is used to completely seal the lithium battery. After being placed in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, after 48 hours, the battery was taken out, and the six-layer paper film wrapped outside was removed one by one. The lithium battery was not swollen or deformed due to freezing. After cooling for a while, then charge.

3. Discharge the lithium battery that is nearly scrapped and recharge it to activate the battery. The specific method is: deep discharge of the mobile phone, by exhausting internal electrical energy, to achieve a deeper degree of recharging, which requires some unconventional methods. Connect the phone to a low-voltage small light bulb with a specific device, and the internal power of the battery will be transferred to the small light bulb until it is fully illuminated.

Electric vehicle lithium battery repair method

1. Re-matching: After the whole group of lithium battery packs are damaged, we often charge and discharge the electric vehicle lithium battery. In the inspection, it is often found that 50% of the batteries in a group of batteries are not damaged. The reason is that in the series-connected lithium battery pack, the function of the individual batteries behind the formation of the entire battery is degraded, so that the function of the entire battery is degraded.

2. Replenishment: For the electric vehicle lithium battery, the battery is replenished with water for about 4 months, which can prolong the service life of the battery and extend the average time to more than 3 months. It should be noted that after each replenishment, the battery is in an overcharged state to change the battery from a "pre-lean liquid" to a "lean liquid" state, and this over-charging is beneficial to increase the battery capacity.

3. Elimination of vulcanization: The battery repair equipment is used to eliminate the vulcanization treatment of the battery.

4. Particle generator: The particle generator is connected in parallel on the battery to repair the battery. This method is better for repairing lithium batteries for electric vehicles, but because the repair is more thorough, if there is no over-discharge, the continuous use of lithium batteries for electric vehicles often eliminates the possibility of battery vulcanization.

5. Comprehensive repair method for electric vehicle lithium battery pack: Regular inspection of electric vehicle lithium battery, timely desulfurization and hydration, single battery charging and re-matching. The battery description, if it is maintenance-free, generally does not need to add water.

18650 lithium battery repair method

1. Take all your batteries and use them after temperature treatment. The battery will greatly shorten the use time when the temperature is unstable, because the battery is not charged and a considerable part of the lithium ions have been used for memory. This method can make a part of the memory power release, winter is over, put it outside for a while, then take to the house.

2, there is another way that to remove the battery, put it for about a week, the electricity will be slowly consumed, you need to use the machine to completely consume the electricity. Then fully recharge, it is estimated that your current charging time must be very short, after the full, disconnected and recharged, repeated several times, absolutely effective.

I believe that through the above introduction, we can repair the battery to a certain extent. In addition, we should pay attention to the use of lithium batteries in daily life. Only by developing good habits can the lithium battery last longer. The new battery repair technology can greatly reduce the frequency of battery replacement and improve the performance and cost performance of electric vehicles.

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