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What is the impact on the battery while playing the phone while charging?

Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming more and more important to our lives. Even some people have reached the level of being uncomfortable with no mobile phones. Such people are not in the minority. Today's mobile phones are non-removable batteries, unlike the previous mobile phones, which can be freely replaced, which means that the battery life is becoming more and more important. Some netizens said that they can't stand the mobile phone's power below 20%. Although many mobile phones have been upgraded on the battery life, mobile phones cannot be changed frequently. Therefore, it is more important to protect the mobile phone battery.

phone battery

Many people use the wrong charging method, which will not only cause the battery life of the mobile phone to be damaged, but also may have potential safety hazards in serious cases. Playing a mobile phone while charging is a wrong charging method that many people will make. How does this affect the battery of the mobile phone?

First of all, the battery has a certain life. In general mobile phone batteries, the number of times of charging and discharging is about 500 times, and one charging cycle is calculated according to charging to 100%. Therefore, while charging while playing the phone, the charging cycle of the phone will be reduced. The biggest problem when playing mobile phones while charging is that the battery of the mobile phone is prematurely aged, and the cost and frequency of replacing the mobile phone battery are increased.

The impact on the life of the mobile phone battery during charging is not too serious, but it is not a small damage to the mobile phone itself. Replacing the original battery has less impact on the battery life, and third-party batteries may have security problems. In addition, it has a great influence on the dustproof and waterproof performance of the mobile phone, and the probability of the mobile phone entering the water is increased.

In addition, today's mobile phones have fast charging functions, but generally use high power to achieve fast charging. There are also some low-voltage fast-charging mobile phone products, which have high charging efficiency, fast charging speed and low heat generation. However, because the low-voltage fast charge has higher requirements on the charger and the charging line of the mobile phone, the high-voltage fast charging scheme is used more, which also inevitably causes the heating phenomenon of charging.

In order to ensure the safety of the mobile phone, there is an overheat protection chip inside the mobile phone. During the charging process, the internal heat of the fuselage is severe, and the mobile phone automatically switches to a low power charging mode. This sounds very smart, but the impact on the phone battery is great. Especially when charging while playing games, we will find that the heat of mobile phones is more serious. Heat is the natural enemy of lithium batteries, which seriously affects the battery life of mobile phones.

Develop a good charging habit and protect the phone battery. Although the mobile phone will inevitably have to change the battery, the loss of the mobile phone battery, the battery life will also be affected, and the impact on our lives is still very large.

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