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Lithium battery assembly methods and principles and attention

Lithium battery assembly methods can be divided into two forms, one is the production and assembly of lithium battery manufacturers, and the other is the personal purchase of batteries for DIY assembly. In fact, many manufacturers' lithium battery assembly is mechanized and programmed. As everyone knows, the following are mainly about the DIY method of personal lithium battery assembly and some problems to be paid attention to.

Lithium battery assembly methods and principles

Lithium battery assembly method

To assemble a personal lithium battery, you need to prepare tools and batteries, and calculate what capacity, voltage, discharge current, etc., batteries are needed.

1. The principle of lithium battery assembly steps:

1). Calculate the battery performance you need

Calculate the voltage, capacity, equalization discharge current, maximum current, and discharge termination voltage of the battery you want to assemble. At the same time, choose the appropriate battery protection board according to the relevant battery performance.

2). Preparation of lithium battery assembly tools

Screwdriver, scissors, voltmeter, ammeter or universal meter, welding tools including solder, electric welding, flux, etc. That is to say, you must consider the tools and auxiliary materials that you may use when you organize the lithium battery.

3). Lithium battery selection and corresponding accessories

A) The choice of lithium battery cells

This is mainly based on the environment requirements of electricity use to make the corresponding cell performance purchase, such as low temperature environment, you should choose low temperature cells, if it is high temperature operation, choose high temperature cells. If it is a high-current and high-rate discharge, choose a battery with high-rate discharge performance cell. This is very important. If the wrong choice is made, not only will the assembled lithium battery pack fail to meet the expected requirements, it may also cause accidents.

B) Selection of corresponding battery accessories

This is mainly the wire and the link alloy accessories that are used in series or in parallel with the battery cells. The selection of these accessories should be made according to the discharge requirements of the lithium battery assembly. While they can withstand the battery discharge requirements, the resistance of the material itself should be minimized to avoid A waste of electrical energy.

2, the problems to be paid attention to in the assembly of lithium batteries

1). When selecting the lithium battery cells to be assembled, in addition to focusing on the brand quality of the battery cells, it is also necessary to pay attention to the consistency error of the voltage, internal resistance, capacity, discharge performance, etc. between the cells as small as possible.

2). Do not mix old and new battery cells. This will damage the new battery cells too quickly and affect the life of the entire battery pack;

3). Lithium battery cells with different properties cannot be mixed, that is, high-temperature batteries cannot be mixed with ordinary batteries, and low-temperature batteries cannot be mixed with high-temperature batteries.

4). When assembling lithium batteries, pay attention to the fact that the batteries cannot be used in unlimited series and parallel, which are limited by the quality of the battery cell and the level of the battery management system;

5). Pay attention to short circuit during assembly to avoid accidents;

6). Prepare in advance measures that can be safely handled after the accident;

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