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Lithium battery for mobile phone industry technology

Mobile phone batteries are generally divided into nickel batteries and lithium batteries. Among them, nickel batteries have low capacity, memory effect, self-discharge phenomenon, and environmental pollution caused by manufacturing materials, so they have not continued in the mobile phone industry. Although the birth of "lithium battery" makes up for the shortage of nickel battery, and its high energy and environmental protection characteristics make it the only source of power in the mobile phone industry, people still have some misunderstandings about the "lithium battery" on mobile phones because In a strict sense, lithium batteries are not rechargeable. Since they are not rechargeable, what is used on mobile phones? Or what kind of lithium battery? The following small series will answer for you one by one.

What is a lithium battery and its advantages and disadvantages

First of all, let's take a look at what is a lithium battery. In fact, the lithium battery is a lithium primary battery in a strict sense. It contains pure lithium metal and is a one-time, non-rechargeable battery. Due to its own high technical requirements, only a few companies in a few countries are producing such lithium metal batteries.

Since lithium batteries have become mainstream in the moment, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Let us first look at its advantages: 1, high energy 2, long service life; 3, high rated voltage; 4, self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most outstanding advantages of the battery, less than nickel-hydrogen 1/20 of battery; 5, high temperature and low adaptability, can be used in -20 ° C - 60 ° C environment, after processing, can be used in -45 ° C environment; 6, green, regardless of production , use and scrap, do not contain, do not produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances; 7, production basically does not consume water, is suitable for countries lacking water. Disadvantages: 1, lithium battery safety is poor, there is a danger of explosion; 2, high production requirements, the cost will also rise; 3, the use of conditions are limited, high and low temperature use is dangerous.

Recognize mobile phone battery

Today, the common battery in mobile phones is a lithium-ion battery, but the electrolyte of a lithium-ion battery is flowing, and it may cause an explosion if it is hit by an external force or a charger that does not meet the standard. In fact, as long as we buy mobile phones from formal channels, proper use can avoid such things.

Since the mobile phone uses a lithium-ion battery, what is the difference between it and the lithium battery described above? This is due to the early development of lithium batteries. Since the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is extremely low and the discharge voltage is gentle, it is first used in pacemakers, so that pacemakers implanted in the human body can operate for a long time.

In 1992, Sony successfully developed a commercial lithium-ion battery. The battery's rechargeable nature makes it a source of power for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers. At the same time, the weight and volume of these electronic devices are greatly reduced, the use time is extended accordingly, and the lithium ion battery does not contain heavy metal cadmium, which greatly reduces environmental pollution compared with the nickel cadmium battery. To say the biggest difference between the two, it can be understood that the lithium battery can only be used once, and the lithium ion battery can be reused. Of course, lithium-ion batteries can also be seen as derivatives of lithium batteries.

In addition, the previous mobile phone industry has also used nickel batteries for a period of time. However, as the preface of this article, since nickel batteries are polluted by the environment, and have memory effects and self-discharge, lithium-ion batteries are born. With its many advantages, it has become the object of favor of manufacturers, and nickel batteries have been labeled as "cold palace", which is why lithium-ion batteries are used in the current mobile phone market.

Mistakes in mobile phone battery and how to use the battery correctly

Speaking of this, I don't know if you are out of the misunderstanding of cell phone battery awareness. First of all, lithium-ion battery is only one kind of lithium battery, and can also be regarded as a modified version of lithium battery, which is a branch of primary battery, and It can only be used once and can not be charged, so in a strict sense, lithium-ion batteries can be called mobile phone batteries.

What is the difference between a lithium-ion battery and a nickel battery? This point can be seen from the above introduction. Since the nickel battery has a memory effect, the user needs to first use the remaining power of the new machine, and after repeated charging for a few times, thereby exerting maximum efficiency, this is now Young people are very cumbersome to operate.

However, many people still use the charging habits of the nickel battery era, which will greatly reduce the battery life for mobile phones using lithium-ion batteries, because lithium-ion batteries have no memory, and users can follow them during use. With the charge, as long as it is put or overshoot, reducing the charge cycle and extending the life of the mobile phone battery is not a problem.

lithium battery for mobile phone industry technology

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