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Lithium battery prices and the trend of lithium battery prices in 2020

Lithium batteries are widely used in electric tools, lighting, wind energy storage, electric cars, toys, instrumentation, UPS backup power, communication equipment, medical equipment and special lamps. So what is the price of lithium batteries? How do lithium battery manufacturers in the market price lithium batteries?

Lithium battery prices

What is the price of lithium batteries? How do lithium battery manufacturers price lithium batteries?

The pricing of lithium batteries is based on capacity, which is calculated per 1000mAh (1Ah). According to current standards, the average price of lithium batteries on the market ranges from US$0.9-1.5 per 1000mAh when they leave the factory, and the average price is around US$1.3. Moreover, the production difficulty and price of different materials of lithium batteries are different. Including lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium nickelate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary and other materials. For example: Lithium cobalt oxide usually costs 1.3 US dollars per 1Ah, lithium iron phosphate costs 1.5 US dollars per 1Ah, Ternary battery 1.2 US dollars per 1Ah, and lithium manganese oxide costs 0.95 US dollars per 1Ah. The prices are just for reference.

Lithium battery price trend in 2020

In terms of market conditions in 2020, the price of lithium batteries is gradually rising, and the rate of increase is faster than predicted. As the subsidy policy changes year by year, the subsidy is getting smaller and smaller, and the prices of upstream raw materials and cathode materials continue to rise, leading to rising lithium battery costs. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the price of lithium batteries will rise by about 10%. By 2021, the price forecast of lithium batteries will stabilize. It depends on the policy next year and whether the upstream raw material market will usher in a new turn. Coupled with the rapid development of new energy, the demand for power lithium batteries continues to increase, and price rebound is not impossible.

Lithium batteries on the market are also divided into standard products and customized products. Generally, the price of standard products is relatively transparent. As long as the product is qualified, the price is within the average market price range. Some special-purpose lithium batteries, such as low-temperature lithium batteries, lithium batteries for special medical devices, and robot smart batteries, are more expensive for special customization. Different manufacturers have different quality and price.

The above is the whole content of the price trend of lithium batteries that I have compiled for you. The above quotations are speculations and do not represent the company's standards. Everyone is still based on actual purchases and customization, based on the corresponding quotations of manufacturers. Because the lithium battery market is very chaotic, many lithium battery manufacturers offer freely, and the quality is not necessarily guaranteed, so everyone must look for quality and pay attention to quality when purchasing. Welcome to Benzo Energy / UFine Technology Co., Ltd. to customize the required lithium battery.

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