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Lithium polymer battery and lithium ion battery which one is more suitable for power bank ?

The answer is that polymer lithium batteries are better. Lithium polymer batteries are upgraded products of lithium-ion batteries. Compared with the current popular lithium-ion batteries, they have the advantages of large capacity, small size, and high safety, but they are also expensive.

the polymer battery or the lithium battery

Advantages of polymer lithium battery:

1. The working voltage of the single battery is as high as 3.6v~3.8v, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries.

2. The capacity density is large, and the capacity density is 1.5~2.5 times of nickel-hydrogen battery or nickel-cadmium battery, or higher.

3. Self-discharge is small, and its capacity loss is small after being placed for a long time.

4. long life, normal use of its cycle life can reach more than 500 times.

5. no memory effect, do not have to empty the remaining power before charging, easy to use.

6. the safety performance is good, the polymer lithium battery in the structure of aluminum plastic flexible packaging, different from the metal core of the liquid battery, once the safety hazard occurs, the liquid battery is easy to explode, and the polymer battery is only a gas drum.

7. the thickness is small, can be made thinner and thinner, the battery can be assembled into the credit card. Ordinary liquid lithium battery adopts the method of customizing the outer casing and plugging the positive and negative materials. The thickness is below 3.6mm, there is a technical bottleneck. The polymer battery core does not have this problem, and the thickness can be less than 1mm.

8. Light weight, the battery with polymer electrolyte does not need metal shell to protect the outer packaging. The weight of the polymer battery is 40% lighter than the steel shell lithium battery of the same capacity specification, which is 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery.

9. The capacity is large. The capacity of the polymer battery is 10-15% higher than that of the same size specification. It is 5-10% higher than that of the aluminum battery. It is the first choice for color screen mobile phones and MMS mobile phones. Now the new color screens on the market and Most of MMS phones use polymer batteries.

10. The internal resistance is small, the internal resistance of the polymer battery is smaller than that of the general liquid battery. At present, the internal resistance of the domestic polymer battery can even be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery and prolongs the mobile phone. Standby time.

11. the shape can be customized, the manufacturer is not limited to the standard shape, can be made to the appropriate size. Polymer batteries can increase or decrease the thickness of batteries according to customers' needs. Develop new battery models, which are cheap, open cycle is short, and some can even be customized according to the shape of mobile phones to make full use of battery casing space and upgrade batteries. capacity.

12. The discharge characteristics are good. The polymer battery uses a colloidal electrolyte. Compared with the liquid electrolyte, the colloidal electrolyte has stable discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform.

13. The protection board is simple in design. Because the polymer material is used, the battery core can not be fired or exploded, and the battery core itself has sufficient safety. Therefore, the protection circuit design of the polymer battery can consider omitting the PTC and the fuse, thereby saving the battery cost.

Lithium ion battery disadvantages:

1. Lithium primary batteries have poor safety and there is a danger of explosion.

2. The lithium ion battery of lithium cobalt oxide cannot discharge at a large current and has poor safety.

3. Lithium-ion batteries need to protect the line to prevent the battery from being overcharged and discharged.

4. High production requirements and high cost.

In conclusion:

Compared with lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries have better safety, operating temperature range, cycle life and environmental performance, so lithium polymer batteries are better.

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