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New battery technology that charges hundreds of thousands of times without decaying life

According to recent reports from the US media, scientists have discovered a new type of battery technology that allows batteries to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times without attenuation. We all know that for mobile phone lithium polymer batteries, the total capacity of charging and discharging 500-1000 batteries will be reduced to only 80% of the previous capacity. After this technology appears, the battery life will increase greatly, for electric vehicles, etc. The field will obviously help.

New battery technology

This technique was discovered by chance in the process of studying how nanowires are no longer vulnerable. Scientist Reginald Penner said, "We didn't want to extend the cycle life of these electrodes at the time - we just tried to create a solid-state version by replacing the liquid electrolyte with a gel electrolyte."

He also believes that this technology is incredible. Generally speaking, these things are especially fast after 500 times of charging, but now they can not decay for a long time. As for how to do it, the details are not clear. Researchers believe that gold-coated nanowires can better retain their original shape and therefore become a more reliable option.

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