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The size and weight of the battery directly affect the characteristics of the lithium battery

Lithium-ion batteries can be applied to various fields, and therefore, their types are also diverse. According to the shape, there are three main types of lithium ion batteries on the market, namely, button type, square shape and cylindrical shape.

lithium-ion batteries
Lithium-ion battery types that have been produced abroad are cylindrical, prismatic, square, button, thin and ultra-thin. Can meet the requirements of different uses. The cylindrical model is represented by 5 digits, the first two digits represent the diameter, and the last two digits represent the height. For example, a 18650 type battery, which has a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 65 mm, is represented by 18 x 65. The square model is represented by 6 digits. The first two digits are the thickness of the battery, the middle two digits are the width of the battery, and the last two digits are the length of the battery. For example, the 083448 type indicates a thickness of 8 mm, a width of 34 mm, and a length of 48 mm. It is represented by 8 × 34 × 48.

The size and weight of the battery are an important indicator of the lithium-ion battery, which directly affects the characteristics of the battery.

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