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Does BENZO Energy supply both lipo battery, li-ion battery cells and packs?

China Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer


BENZO Energy has professional battery factories to produce lithium battery cells and battery packs, our cell factory produces lithium ion battery (Li-ion)cells, lithium polymer battery (lipo/li-polymer)cells,  and LiFePO4 battery cells, 3 years ago, we also got ability to produce one of world earliest LTO(Lithium titanate)battery cells, monthly capacity reaches almost 10 million battery cells.

In Shenzhen, we build another assemble factory on base of previous one in inland province, we can now assemble Li-ion battery packs, Lipo battery packs, LiFePO4 battery packs, and LTO battery packs, these are custom service, we OEM for global customers, the voltage can cover the range of 3.7V to 200V, the capacity can be 50mAh to 500Ah, the battery material, C rate, shape, size, case, PCB/PCM/BMS can be specially designed.

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