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What are the factors that affect the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries?

1. The ratio of positive and negative materials for lithium-ion batteries should be reasonable. Since the active materials of the positive and negative electrodes are fixed on the substrate by the binder, the long-term stability of the binder and the good mechanical properties of the battery can delay the decline of the battery life, so to improved the positive electrode material's chemical stability and thermal stability is one of the feasible methods to maintain battery life.

2. Choose a suitable electrolyte. Because the electrolyte contains active hydrogen substances and metal ion impurities such as iron, sodium, aluminum, and nickel, and the impurity-containing electrolyte directly affects the cycle times of the battery, the electrolyte has an important impact on the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries. Choosing the right electrolyte can also improve the cycle life of the li-ion battery.

3. Set reasonable conditions and scope of use. In the use of lithium-ion batteries, the use conditions of the battery should be strictly limited, such as charge and discharge rate, operating temperature range, storage temperature range, charge and discharge cut-off voltage, etc., to prevent the battery from exceeding the use limit.

affect the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries

How to extend the cycle life of lithium batteries as much as possible?

Starting from the rate and performance of the battery, reduce battery overcharge and overdischarge, prevent use under high temperature conditions, etc.

Strengthen battery safety protection, install battery safety valve, adopt heat-seal diaphragm, load special protection circuit, enable special battery management system, etc., strengthen battery safety and improve battery cycle life.

In daily use, the newly charged lithium-ion battery should be stored for half an hour, and then used after the power performance is stable, otherwise it will affect the battery performance.

Lithium-ion batteries should be stored in a clean, dry, and ventilated environment. They should be protected from contact with corrosive substances and away from fire and heat sources.

Pay attention to the use environment of lithium ion batteries: the charging temperature of lithium ion battery packs is 0℃~45℃, and the discharge temperature of lithium ion batteries is -20℃~60℃.

Do not mix the battery with metal objects to prevent the metal objects from touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, causing a short circuit, damaging the battery or even causing danger.

Do not knock, acupuncture, step on, modify, or expose the battery to the sun, and do not place the battery in a microwave or high-voltage environment.

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