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What should be paid attention to during the use of lithium ion battery to avoid explosion?

Electronic devices have become an indispensable part of people's lives, but these rely on battery-powered electronic products may have some headaches. Many explosions of lithium-ion batteries have made people realize that small lithium-ion batteries may also cause significant harm. The explosion of these lithium-ion batteries is often due to the purchase of fake and shoddy products, because the quality of the battery itself is not enough. However, some inadvertent details in the process of using lithium-ion batteries will also make your battery dangerous.

Regular lithium-ion batteries generally have a guaranteed quality due to the use of flame retardant materials, and are not prone to accidents such as explosions. But counterfeit and shoddy products are not the same, the quality is poor, it is easy to cause serious damage due to some inadvertent matters in use. What small details are likely to cause a lithium ion battery explosion?

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Many people like to recharge the battery completely, or continue to charge the battery after it is fully charged. This behavior is called deep charge and discharge. This habit is not good, especially for lithium-ion batteries, which may cause serious consequences. Frequent deep charging and discharging may cause the battery life to be shortened, which may easily cause the battery to swell or even explode.

In addition, current and voltage are also very important. When charging, an excessively high current load can easily cause the internal short circuit of the battery, causing circuit safety, which may cause an explosion accident. Although many electronic products currently have overload protection devices, users still need to pay attention to them in use. It is necessary to check whether the charger is qualified and whether the current and voltage are within the range.

The lithium-ion battery is not suitable for long-term use in extreme environments. Too high or too low temperature will greatly reduce the safety performance of the lithium-ion battery. If the temperature is too low, and below the freezing point for a long time, the lithium-ion battery may be difficult to withstand the excessively high temperature when it is turned on, and it is easy to burn. Under long-term high temperature, the internal pressure of the lithium-ion battery will increase, and even cause an explosion. Therefore, do not leave the lithium-ion battery in an extreme temperature environment for a long time to avoid accidents.

Therefore, pay attention to the use of lithium-ion batteries in life, do not discharge and charge frequently, and do not let the current and voltage exceed the load, and do not leave the lithium-ion battery in an extreme temperature environment for a long time, so as not to cause the explosion of the lithium-ion battery due to improper use of details . Of course, consumers are better off buying lithium-ion batteries with guaranteed quality produced by regular manufacturers. Pay attention to details before using them in order to safely apply lithium-ion batteries.

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