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Who is the future of lithium batteries ?

As we all know, in the era of the electric car revolution, lithium batteries will become our protagonist, and it is also an unshakable route for the next ten years or even twenty years.

the future of lithium batteries

Once the lithium-powered battery has been developed for more than a decade, the technical route of the lithium-ion battery will be more difficult to shake after the industry chain has basically formed a stable, complete and complete supporting.

Therefore, there is no doubt that lithium batteries will also be the champion in this competition.

However, the lithium battery technology route contains a variety of technical routes, including lithium cobaltate, lithium titanate, lithium manganate, lithium ferrite, ternary batteries, etc., people may pay more attention to which of these technical routes is more advantageous.
Next, we will bring you a series of in-depth discussions.

First of all

(1) Lithium cobaltate: Poor cycle performance, and the use of extremely rare metal cobalt in a large amount, the disadvantage is too obvious, and its fate will be eliminated.

(2) Lithium titanate: high charging rate and long life; but the only drawback is that the energy density is low, resulting in excessive cost.

Its characteristics are similar to supercapacitors, and this fatal flaw also prevents it from becoming the mainstream route of the power battery, so it can't stand out at the beginning.

(3) Lithium manganate: the cost is relatively low, the charging rate is high; but the high temperature performance is poor and the cycle is not good.

Therefore, lithium manganate is rarely used directly as a power battery, but other materials are added to form a modified battery, such as nickel or cobalt to become a nickel-cobalt-manganese battery, thereby achieving a balance of performance.

However, after these improvements, it is no longer a pure lithium manganate battery, but it has become one of the ternary battery types.

The results of the discussion indicate that lithium manganate will also be eliminated.

Among the numerous lithium battery technology routes, the two technical routes of lithium iron phosphate VS ternary battery are the most rigid.

(4) Lithium iron phosphate: high safety and long life, but low energy density, poor consistency and low temperature performance;

(5) Three-dimensional battery: high energy density, good consistency, good low temperature performance, low cost, but poor safety performance, cycle life is not as good as iron lithium battery.

At present, lithium iron phosphate is the most mature industrial chain in China. We have relatively more core technologies in related fields. The three-element battery is represented by Japan and South Korea, and is slightly more mature.

Therefore, the confrontation between these two technical routes has a charm of Chinese VS Japan and South Korea.


There are roughly seven dimensions for evaluating power battery performance:

1. security
2. energy density
3. cycle life
4. the cost
5. charging rate
6. battery cell consistency
7. low temperature performance

At last

As a qualified technical route, there can be no obvious shortcomings in any of the above aspects. It is a feasible route to achieve balance in all aspects.
In terms of safety performance, lithium iron phosphate battery has obvious advantages: it will decompose when the temperature reaches 480° or above, and it can pass severe tests such as acupuncture and fire.

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