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Why do lithium batteries require a BMS battery management system?

The BMS Lithium Battery Intelligent Management System monitors the voltage of a single battery pack and detects underperforming batteries before the battery pack is packaged. This 100% test guarantees higher production ability, higher battery capacity and reduced warranty commitments. Excellent BMS can also detect the humidity of the lithium battery pack to avoid accidents.

lithium batteries BMS

Why do lithium batteries require a BMS battery management system?

Lithium batteries are in danger of exploding under severe over-charge conditions, causing damage to the lithium battery pack and posing a threat to the user's life. Therefore, the lithium battery pack must be equipped with a targeted lithium battery management system BMS to effectively monitor, protect, balance, and fault alarm the battery pack, thereby improving the efficiency and service life of the entire lithium battery.

1) Security

Lithium batteries have poor safety and are subject to explosions and other defects. In particular, a lithium battery in which lithium cobaltate is a positive electrode material cannot be discharged at a large current, and the safety is poor. In addition, overcharging or over-discharging of almost all types of lithium batteries can cause irreversible damage to the cells. Lithium batteries are also extremely sensitive to temperature: if used under too high temperature conditions, electrolyte decomposition, combustion or even explosion may occur. If the temperature is too low, the performance of the lithium battery will be significantly deteriorated, which will affect the normal use of the equipment.

Due to the limitations of the battery manufacturing process, the internal resistance and capacity of each battery unit may vary. When a plurality of battery cells are used in series, the charge and discharge rates of the respective cells are caused to be inconsistent, which results in a low utilization rate of the battery capacity. In view of this, lithium batteries usually require a special protection system to monitor the health of the battery during actual use, thereby managing the use of the lithium battery.

2) Maintainability

Lithium battery capacity degradation and power cannot be accurately predicted at low temperatures, making the device less maintainable. Long-term online instruments need to be replaced regularly, while remote monitoring equipment is scattered and the distance between the stations is far away. Therefore, the battery is replaced, the workload is huge, and the cost is high.

In order to reduce the maintenance workload and reduce the maintenance cost, the lithium battery BMS management system needs to have an accurate charge state estimation function to accurately grasp the charge state of the battery, and more purposefully perform battery replacement work. At the same time, the battery management system is required to be compared. Low self-power consumption to reduce maintenance frequency and extend battery life. Therefore, it is very important to design a lithium battery BMS management system for the remote monitoring instrument that is continuously powered for a long time.

The role of BMS lithium battery management system

The Battery Management System (BMS) is a control system that protects the use of the battery. It monitors the state of use of the battery at all times and adjusts the abnormal use of the battery by necessary measures. The main purpose of the BMS lithium battery management system is to ensure the design performance of the battery system, providing functions in terms of safety, durability and power.

1. In terms of safety, BMS lithium battery management system can protect battery cells from damage and prevent safety accidents;

2. Durability, BMS lithium battery management system can make the battery work in a reliable and safe area, extending the battery life;

3. In terms of power, the working state of the lithium battery is maintained to meet the requirements of the vehicle.

According to the requirements of the new national standard, the low-speed electric vehicle battery must be upgraded from the original lead-acid battery to the lithium battery. The BMS lithium battery management system is a set of safety monitoring system designed and customized based on the characteristics of the lithium battery.

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