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Why does the lithium battery explode ?

Most of the time, the electronic device works well, and if something goes wrong, it will cause disaster within a few seconds. How many electronic devices are there in terms of our home and office? Notebooks, smartphones, tablets, charging treasures, chargers, and more.

The battery exploded

★The battery exploded. The user touches high voltage (mostly through damaged equipment, electric shock, sometimes because of poor design).

In the case of smartphones, laptops, charging treasures, and the like, many problems arise from chargers or batteries. Modern rechargeable batteries store a large amount of electrical energy in a small space. Most of the time, the battery operates in the desired mode, slowly outputting power in a controlled manner, and if there is a cause that causes rapid release of power, there is a risk of explosion or fire.

The battery is on fire, some are intentional, some are unexpected, and we usually carry so much "electric energy" in our pockets and backpacks.

It is undeniable that a defective lithium-ion battery is quite dangerous and it may explode. The so-called explosion is not a slight noise, just like the fireworks at night, let the adults jump and let the children get excited and scream. The explosion of the battery will make a relatively large, heavy sound, and the outer casing of the wrapping equipment will be broken to form a glass shock wave. With a bang, spattered glass fragments, in addition to these other concerns, sometimes molten metal lithium will splash on the body, and will release a pungent toxic gas.

      If you are outdoors, well ventilated, away from combustibles, it is unlikely that intense chemical reactions will occur. Unfortunately, the explosion is often unexpected. We may put the device in our pocket during the explosion, or put it in the car to charge, we are driving on the highway, or put the phone on the head while sleeping in the middle of the night.

★Why did the equipment explode and catch fire? The reason can be summarized into three categories:

①Manufacturing defects: A batch of batteries is too bad (as in Note 7), problems with the assembly line, damage to components, or the use of the wrong components can cause problems with the equipment. Although the media likes to fire equipment and recall it for manufacturing, in fact manufacturing rarely causes such problems because well-known manufacturers have a strict set of security inspections.

②Design flaws or counterfeit products: In general, only low-cost, poorly-worked equipment can have such problems. Some manufacturers are not home to technology but are making products, and some companies are opportunistic. Look at eBay and Amazon, such products are everywhere, which products work well, which are not good, ordinary people are difficult to distinguish, many times the device is attached with a fake mark, so can not tell. Most of the cheap products and counterfeit products work poorly, there is no security technology, and well-known manufacturers have security features.

③Product damage during use: Why does the product become unsafe? Improper use by end users is the main reason. Throwing equipment around, getting wet, charging with the wrong charger, and exposing it to the sun should be avoided. Good equipment has a safety function that prevents the equipment from overheating, prevents overcharging, avoids excessive discharge, prevents short circuits, and cannot be charged with the wrong charger. With these technologies, damaged equipment does not become dangerous equipment, but not 100% safe.

★There are a number of factors that can cause equipment to catch fire and explode. We can eliminate these factors. Here are a few ways to share them:

❶Buy well-known brands from well-known retailers. In order to buy a good quality charger or cable, you may spend a little more, but the money is worth it because it protects your life and makes your family safer. It is best not to buy from eBay, Amazon, if you suspect that you have bought cheap, poor quality equipment, do not use.

❷Do not use the device if it is damaged or if there are any signs of overheating, swelling, or deformation. This is also true for chargers and wires. Some devices are not safe, I can't find them, mainly because the damaged places are hard to detect. I suggest that you check the equipment once a year and replace the damaged products in time.

❸Don't let the equipment get too hot, especially when charging. Don't put your smartphone in your pocket or sports bag, don't put it on the car's dashboard and charge it while you let the sun shine.

❹Do not charge the device when no one is paying attention. Most people will not do this. I suggest that you at least not let the charged device be close to combustibles. A small lithium battery can quickly ignite a wooden table, or bedroom furniture, causing a disaster.

❺If the equipment is recalled by the manufacturer, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

❻ If there is any doubt, ask a professional for help.

Therefore, the lithium battery can be quickly ignited, and the risk factor is high, so don't underestimate it.

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