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Will lithium polymer batteries explode? How to prevent lithium ion batteries from exploding?

Will lithium polymer batteries explode? How to prevent lithium ion battery from exploding? Polymer lithium ion battery is a kind of lithium ion battery product made of flexible packaging and polymer electrolyte. It will not explode under normal use and storage, unless it is caused by man-made damage to cause a short circuit. Lithium-ion batteries are flammable devices. Devices with built-in lithium-ion batteries such as mobile phones and scooters will always explode if used improperly.

Will lithium polymer batteries explode? How to prevent lithium ion batteries from exploding?
Will lithium polymer batteries explode?

The current lithium polymer batteries are mostly soft pack batteries, using aluminum plastic film as the outer shell. When the organic electrolyte is used inside, it will not explode even if the liquid is very hot, because the aluminum plastic film polymer battery adopts solid or colloidal state without leakage. , Just broken naturally. But nothing is absolute. If the instantaneous current is large enough and a short circuit occurs, it is not impossible for the battery to spontaneously ignite or burst. The safety accidents of mobile phones and tablet computers are mostly caused by this situation.

In a low-temperature environment, the low-temperature protection mechanism of polymer lithium-ion batteries will promote chemical reactions that do not occur in the battery, so that it cannot be charged or the charging speed is slowed down. At high temperatures, the battery will be unstable and even cause an explosion.

Lithium polymer batteries are again known as polymer batteries. Compared with the lithium ion battery, the biggest difference in safety is that when the two batteries are heated to a certain extent, the lithium ion battery will explode, while the lithium polymer battery will only undergo chemical volatilization, at most Burn and never explode.

From a structural point of view, polymer batteries generally use flexible packaging, with thinner and softer shells. Lithium-ion batteries mostly use hard packaging with thicker and harder shells. From a safety point of view, once a soft package battery is suddenly damaged, such as an explosion caused by overvoltage or overheating, it is far less destructive than a hard package lithium-ion battery.

How to prevent lithium ion batteries from exploding?

We can focus on three aspects of explosion protection: prevention of overcharge of lithium-ion batteries, prevention of external short circuits, and improvement of cell safety.

1. Use the original charger: When charging, the explosion rate of lithium-ion batteries is high. The original charger can guarantee the battery safety better than the compatible charger.

2. Use reliable batteries: Try to buy original batteries or batteries from well-known brands on the market, such as lithium-ion batteries. Don't buy second-hand or inferior goods to save money. Such batteries may be repaired and are not as reliable as original batteries.

3. Prevent the mobile phone lithium-ion battery from being placed in a high temperature environment.

4. Designing lithium-ion battery protection circuit boards, although it will increase the manufacturing cost of lithium-ion batteries, it is related to the safe use of lithium-ion batteries, so it is very necessary, so all formal lithium-ion battery product ion battery manufacturers need this design .

As long as the above points are achieved, lithium-ion batteries that meet safety standards will not become a time bomb in our hands.

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